Paintball is an exciting activity which suits almost everybody. Our fantastic paintball area is situated in the forest with natural surroundings and obstacles. Here you can enjoy the game and have lots of fun. The area is about the size of a footballpitch.

Paintball is a sport where participants can play with shooting small paint balls on each other. When a ball hits a person, it breaks and marks it. The person is then out of the game and must return to the safe zone. Paintball is something like softgun, but uses larger caliber projectiles.

About the activity

Upon arrival you will receive equipment. Your guide gives you a comprehensive safety information and training. We offer different games and the guide will be with you during the whole game.

Who can play?

Suitable for most people, you must be 13 or older to play.

How many participants?

We have equipment for 20 people, there have to be a minimum of 8 people to play a game.

How long?

The activity lasts for 2 hours.

What do we suppy?

We supply overall, mask and weapon with a full magazin of 200 shots.

What do I need to bring?

Suitable loose, comfortable clothing and good outdoor shoes.

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Adults NOK 550

Children NOK 450


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