Canoe tours

From the rafting center in Hesså the Mandalriver flows gently south.This is a calm section of the river and perfectly suited for canoe tours. No previous canoeing experience is necessary.


About the tour

The tour is 6 km in quiet Norwegian nature, away from traffic and people. It will take one hour if you paddle fast but we recomend you take a picnic and stop at many of the natural rest spots, to enjoy the nature and maybe see the beaver if you are out early evening. You will maybe meet some of the salmon fisherman along the way. The river opens onto a lake which you cross and finish at a lovely old fashioned farmhouse.


From early May to late September.


You meet at the rafting centre in Hesså, you then take your car to the finish point. We will collect you and take you back to Hesså. You will be given your 3 seater  canoe, paddles and buoyancy aids.  Instructions and directions will be given, then you can begin your tour. Take as long as you wish (within 24 hours), then leave the canoe at the farmhouse and you have your car waiting for you there.

What do I need to bring?

Suitable clothing, swimwear if the weather is good. Food and drink if desired.

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Adults NOK 300

Children NOK 250


Got any questions?

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