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On the southern tip of Norway, we have organized a voyage of discovery for families. We take a journey from Flekkefjord, Lyngdal, Lindesnes and Mandal. And here we have many different activities to offer. Everything from golf, Flekkefjord old railway, go karting, Nordberg Fort, Kvåsfossen aquarium, , Sørlandsbadet outdoor swimming, Lindesnes Lighthouse, children’s zoo, Sjølingstad wool factory and Adventure Norway. Do not miss a rich and wonderful experience in the south.

Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal

The old Flekkefjordbanen is active. This is a trip made by speeder from Flekkefjord center. The course is open during the summer and more and more are finding their way to a small dream trip in the beautiful scenery of Flekkefjord and inland towards Sira.

Utsikten Golfpark has great facilities for both small and large. Here the various possibilities for great family adventures.

Farsund and Lista
On previous Lista Airport we find Flipside, go-karting and paintball facilities. A small elderado for tough activities. Several times a year there are skate camp at Flipside and often with world stars as coaches and trainers. Next door we find go carte court and activity including paint ball.

One of the departments of Vest-Agder museum located further inside the Lista. It called Nordberg Fort, and is a museum with exhibits, cafe and several children’s activities. Norberg Fort is open all year and with children’s activities during holidays.

Lyngdal and kvås
Kvåsfossen is a salmon center. Summer 2016 it opened its own new building with visitor center with a small cafe, premises for parties and events, exhibitions, not to mention a basement that accommodates the longest salmon ladder in the tunnel. Here you can see the salmon swimming up salmon rappa.

By Rosfjorden we find sørlandsbadet, which is an aquatic center with both indoor and outdoor adventures. Adjacent finds a treningsssenter, SPA and turpark with outdoor fitness facilities.

Lindesnes lighthouse is Norways southern most attraction. In fine weather, it is an experience to look at the sea. In bad weather its a spectacular experience. At the lighthouse, we find many events and activities for all ages. Before going all the way to the lighthouse it is worth stopping at children’s zoo, which is open during the summer season. Here you come close to the animals.

Mandal Marnardal
On the border between Mandal and Vigeland is an old factory which today is a Museum, Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik. On Sjølingstad there are good children’s activities, they have a guided tour of the factory, a café and shop. They are open all year and during holidays there are separate activities and events.

By Hesså in Marnardal we find a small elderado, Adventure Norway. Here we can go rafting, climbing, scrambling, take a canoe trip and overnight in tents or lavo. This is a place that is suitable for everyone especially families with small children.

Longer tours

Pulpit Rock or prekestolen is one of Norway most spectcular natural attractions. It is a full day trip to travel the 2-3 hours there then the 5 hour round trip walk to pulpit rock. A long but unforgetable day, only recomended in good weather.




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