Bushcraft is a popular term for wilderness survival skills. Often the phrase ‘wilderness skills’ is used as it describes skills used all over the world. Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so.


We can offer 3 different Bushcraft courses:

INTRO COURSE: The basics of using a knive, making a fire and building a shelter.  Duration: 2 -3 hours.
Adults NOK 550,- pr. pers. Children u.16 NOK 450,-


DAY COURSE: We go foraging in the forest to find a location for our camp. We will set up camp with shelters and sleeping area. We will make a fire, collect our food and cook our food on the fire. We will do tracking and identifying plants and trees searching for signs of animal and bird life.  Duration: 6-8 hours.
Adults NOK 1200,- pr. pers. Children u.16  NOK 800,-


24-HOUR SURVIVAL: We cover all we have done on the day course but with the addition of equipment to allow us to survive overnight in either hammocks slung between the trees or on improvised beds in the shelters we have built. We aim to have a fire going throughout the night ready for us to prepare breakfast. We also offer a WINTER version of this course!
Adults NOK 1500,- pr. pers.


The basics of survival are: SHELTER – WARMTH – FOOD

  • Knife skills. One of the first skills you require is how to use a knife safely, how to sharpen your knife and different ways to use it.
  • Foraging. Collecting what you need to make a fire. Gathering plants for cooking, medicine.
  • Shelter Building. Choosing where to build, what design of build, what material to use. Then collecting the material and creating your shelter.
  • Fire Making. Principles of fire – oxygen, material to burn and something to create a spark. We will explore the need to start with dry fine material and build up from there.
  • Navigation. We teach the basic skills of finding north and south without any devices. We learn the basics of compass use and map reading.
  • Knot tying. You will learn the figure of eight knot and several other knots that will help you with shelter building .
  • Hammocks. Making and setting up hammocks in between trees.
  • Creative stuff.  From carving spoons, making cups, making rope to building pot holders and stone ovens there is unlimited opportunity to be creative in the forest with us.

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