The Mandal river between Bjelland and Hesså is a beautiful unspoilt section, away from population and traffic. The river is graded 2/3 which means there are rapids but its not dangerous.

The rafting is suitable for all ages from 6 upwards and no previous experience is necessary. Experienced guides will give you all the safety information then tailor the trip to your wishes and ability, you decide whether you want to have a very exciting tour with lots of games, or we can guide you safely down the river without chances of falling into the water.

On arrival at Hesså you will be given a full safety and information talk. You then get changed and we drive you the 5km to the start of the rafting. You need swimsuit and towel.

In May / June and September it is wise to bring a woolen top and socks, in May the air temperature is around 20 degrees, but the water temperature can be as low as 5 degrees, and by the end of July the air temperature is usually up to 25 degrees and water temperature about 16 degrees. We provide wetsuits, jackets, life jacket and helmet.




Adults NOK 500

Children NOK 400

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